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Claremont, CA | Breeding Intelligent & Hypoallergenic Australian Labradoodles
a close up of a dog


Maya is our first Labradoodle now retired and still lives with us. She is very good at keeping the puppies…

a dog looking at the camera


Kona has been having the most amazing litters. All of her puppies are truly gorgeous and loving. We get fabulous…

a close up of a dog


Ziva is the first puppy we kept for breeding. She is a beautiful cream with an outgoing and affectionate personality.…

a dog looking at the camera


Affectionate Callie has a light chocolate coat that is stunning and always very soft. Callie is very smart, loyal, and…

a close up of a dog


Stella is Ziva's pup who is now retired. She had some of the best litters with beautiful pups. We can…

a dog looking at the camera


Sweet Bella has a thick gorgeous black fleece coat that is very soft and fun to run your fingers through.…