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Claremont, CA | We Have Puppies Ready for Adoption Now!
Responsibly Bred,
Carefully Raised

At Claremont Labradoodles, we maintain the utmost dignity and respect for our beautiful puppies. We’re breeding the next generation now so that you can experience their love for yourself.

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Future Australian Labradoodle Litters in Claremont, CA

All of the best things in life take time. Our Australian Labradoodles are certainly no different. When working with thinking, feeling creatures, and when treating them with the dignity and affection they deserve, it can sometimes be tricky to predict when the next litter will be ready for placement with a loving family.

Rest assured, our gents and ladies (breeding-age male & female Australian Labradoodles) are actively meeting, romancing, and producing the next generation of pups. We accept deposits on future litters on a rolling basis in accordance with natural timelines and with our own breeding schedule. Check back often for updates and don’t be afraid to reach out with any inquiries you may have.

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Bred To Make an Impact in Your Home & Heart

Our next litter of Australian Labradoodle puppies will naturally inherit a mixture of features from their mom and dad. Our puppies come with excellent pedigree, stretching back to the first of their kind. To that end, you can expect future litters to bear the same fleece coats, intelligence, and curiosity of their forebears, but with individual personalities that you and your family can then shape to meet your home.

All of our Australian Labradoodle puppies have no-shed, hypoallergenic fleece coats, making them ideal for placement in homes where allergies and asthma symptoms are a concern. We know from first-hand experience how much light and happiness these puppies add to a home without also adding the sneezing, the coughing, and the frequent use of a rescue inhaler.

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Meet Our Gents

Strong, smart, & caring, our gents make for loyal, protective puppies.

Meet Our Ladies

The anchors of any home, our ladies are kind, intelligent, & affectionate.

Our Adoption Process

While you wait for your future puppy, brush up on our adoption process.

Future Australian Labradoodle Litter FAQs

At the moment, we’re actively breeding two of our favorites—Jada & Dio—and expecting their offspring to have chocolate or black fleece coats. That said, our males and females can’t breed forever, and future puppies may have different coats.

Australian Labradoodles often have coats in a range of colors, including chalky white, apricot, blue, red, & gold. We’ll keep you posted about our available puppies and our breeders so that you know what features to expect in future litters.

Typically, puppies need around 9 weeks in their mothers’ wombs. Even so, breeding is an inexact art. We do everything we can to encourage our breeding age Labradoodles to meet, interact, and fall madly in love. Afterwards, we’ll help our ladies through every step of pregnancy so that new litters and new moms all come out of the process as happy and healthy as possible.

The ultimate number of puppies in each litter depends on numerous factors that are well and truly beyond the control of their human breeders. Even so, we generally expect an average of 8 or so puppies from each litter. To reserve yours today, contact us about putting down a deposit. Australian Labradoodles are increasingly popular, so don’t wait to reserve your future pup today!

Is your home missing something? Contact us to learn what an Australian Labradoodle from Claremont can do for your household.