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Multi-gen Australian Labradoodles
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Late Spring Sale Prices!!!

All of our Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodle puppies are Non-shed Hypoallergenic with gorgeous fleece coats.

They are all are Top of the Line– Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodles.

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Jada and Ty's Litter DOB 2/22/2023

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These puppies are ready to go to their forever home NOW!

If your interested in an 8-week-old puppy just decide if you want male or female a little bigger or smaller standard size and what color cream, apricot, black, or chocolate.

Next- to place a deposit call Terri 909-551-4773. We have Special Spring prices on our Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodle puppy of your dreams.

Kaya & Dio's DOB 1/17/2023

Atlas our best puppy-

Kaya had only one puppy, Atlas in her litter, a singleton, so she took very good care of Atlas. Singletons need playmates to help with their development. Fortunately Kaya’s buddy, Lola had 10 puppies two weeks earlier and Atlas grew fast and since 5 weeks of age he has been living with Lola’s pups.  Atlas is 12-weeks-old and ready to go to his forever home- Now!

Go to Contact  page and contact Terri to place a deposit for Atlas.

Lola and Dio's Litter DOB 12/29/2022


These puppies are ready for their forever home. They are fully vaccinated and they can to go out and about. They just need rabies and spayed or neutered.

These are the cutest puppies ever!  All you have to do is decide male or female, Black or Chocolate. Then do you like a Standard size or Medium size. All of these puppies are loving and smart. They just want to be with you and do what your doing. They are all very healthy and strong. They just want to be in a family with children and activities.

Next step go to Contact  page and contact Terri place your deposit on the best top-of-the-line Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle puppy.

Stormy (Black Female)
a close up of a dog
  • Female Black
  • Very friendly loves to play
  • Extremely smart learns very fast
  • Will make a great family pet
  • Has a beautiful shiny non-shed fleece coat
  • She was born to impress
Moonstruck (Black Female)
  • Female Black
  • Very friendly loves to play
  • Extremely smart learns very fast
  • Will make a great family pet
  • Has a beautiful non-shed fleece coat
  • She was born to impress
Roxie and Dio's Litter- DOB 09/19/2022

If you are interested in a Therapy Dog one of these is for you. They are now ready to start Therapy dog training and you can get a recommendation from Master trainer Charles to get into the next program, therapy dog training.

Each puppy has it’s own Notebook with all of it’s records-

  • Veterinarian Physical and blood tests print out
  • Fully vaccinated including rabies
  • Each puppy has been spayed or neutered
  • Microchipped with registration card
  • 5 generation pedigree
  • Parents health testing records
  • Registered under ALAA Australian Labradoodle Association of America with owner transfer form
  • One month free health insurance with trupanion
  • Certificate of graduation from The Dogwise Academy training program and handover report.
  • Developmental Growth Stages, Puppy Success Schedule, Recommended book list, and a Shopping list.
  • My Puppy Guide The “Cliff Notes” for working with a puppy
  • Just groomed with nails trimmed and ears cleaned. Each puppy is looking fabulous!

Now at 8 months old perfect age for adoption after the 3 week intensive 24-hour live On Site Dogwise Training Academy Camp with Master Trainer Charles. Your puppy will have all the skills to be a model citizen in your home greeting your friends with respect and grace that will impress everyone.

These Multi-Gen Australian labradoodle puppies are fully vaccinated and trained to be your ultimate companion. They will be ready for walks, hiking, parks, beaches, jogging, camping, golfing, swimming, road trips, riding in cars, boats, golf carts, and everyone’s favorite napping.

Go to contact  and contact Terri to put down your deposit.

Jada and Ty's Litter- Born 08/19/2022

Now at 7-months-old perfect age for adoption. These Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodles are fully vaccinated and ready to go out and about. We have given them basic training they sleep through the night an potty in the backyard. They are very smart and friendly they just want to please and will be very easy to work with in developing them into a model adult dog that does everything with you.

Go to the Contact Page and contact Terri to put a deposit on one these wonderful puppies.

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Add a New Spark of Curiosity & Affection to your Home

Our connection with dogs runs deep, and it’s not too far out to say that our dogs feel it too. Our Australian Labradoodles can trace their lineage back to the first of their kind, bred in the Outback itself for your love and companionship. Consider adopting a puppy of your own today.

Is your home missing something? Contact us to learn what an Australian Labradoodle from Claremont can do for your household.