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Creating Companionship with our Australian Labradoodle Puppies

Providing the Perfect Candidate for Training in Emotional Support and Healing

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Australian Labradoodle Therapy Dogs in Claremont, CA

At Claremont Labradoodles, we understand the powerful benefits of the human-animal bond. Our puppies are bred to be loving, affectionate, and gentle—making them exceptional candidates for therapy dog work. Our furry family members have been carefully selected for their intelligence, temperament, and sociability, ensuring they possess the innate qualities required of a fantastic therapy dog.

While our Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodles do not receive specific therapy dog training, their natural demeanor and exceptional temperament make them an ideal choice for individuals who require emotional support or companionship. Whether you’re living with increased stress levels, anxiety, or loneliness, our Australian Labradoodles litters have been known to provide comfort and unconditional affection, filling your days with warmth and cheer.

Life is Easier with an Australian Labradoodle Therapy Dog
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Why Our Australian Labradoodles are the Perfect Therapy Dogs

Our commitment to ethical and responsible breeding practices ensures that our Australian Doodles are as healthy as they are beautiful. With their hypoallergenic coats and minimal shedding, Claremont Labradoodles are an excellent option for allergy sufferers needing emotional support. Not only are they easy on the eyes, but our doodles are also gentle, loving, and steadfast—qualities that make them exceptional therapy dogs.

Claremont Labradoodles are highly intelligent, ensuring their adaptability and eagerness to learn. Their ability to understand human emotions and respond with affection and support make them one of a kind. Whether you need a companion at home, in nursing and retirement facilities, or for support in uncertain times, our Australian Labradoodles are an exceptional choice for comfort and happiness. Learn more about how our puppies can become your perfect new therapy dog.

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Adoption Process

Learn what’s involved in our process, and what to expect when you visit our facility.

Available Puppies

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Future Litters

Our breeding-age dogs are working on the next generation.

Australian Labradoodle FAQs

Australian Labradoodles possess a unique combination of intelligence, temperament, and sociability derived from their long prestigious line of breeding that traces back to the heart of Australia. Their unique breed characteristics make them excellent therapy dogs, offering emotional support and comfort to individuals in need.

While our dogs are not certified or registered therapy dogs, their natural temperament and qualities make them exceptional candidates for companionship and emotional support.

Absolutely! While our dogs do not receive therapy dog training, their intelligence, early socialization, and eagerness to learn make them excellent students. With proper training, they can excel in a therapy dog role.

Share Your Life with a Lovable Australian Labradoodle Therapy Dog