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Our Breeding-Age Australian Labradoodles

Our dogs are more than just breeders—they’re part of our operation and our family. Learn more here.

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Australian Labradoodle Breeders in Claremont, CA

At Claremont Australian Labradoodles, we treasure our coworkers more than most! Our breeding-age dogs (gents and ladies) receive top notch affection, attention, and care so that they can focus on romance and the next generation of puppies. Unlike American Labradoodles, our Australian variety can trace their ancestry back to the Outback itself, distinguishing them and their puppies as true originals.

We perform extensive health screenings before breeding begins. Our ladies undergo a Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF) exam, screening for 21 inheritable eye diseases. They’re also completely vaccinated, examined at the hips and elbows, and come with documented parent lines stretching back for four generations. Our gents undertake a similar examination before breeding begins. In addition to the aforementioned tests, they also receive a full blood panel, thyroid testing, and regular veterinary examination.

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Current & Active Member of the ALAA

We’re proud to be a current and active member of the Australian Labradoodle Association of America (ALAA)—an organization dedicated to pedigree and to responsible breeding practices. As such, we meet and exceed the ALAA code of ethics throughout our breeding programs and care.

We house, feed, water, and exercise all our dogs, and provide exceptional veterinary care. We breed with health and happiness in mind, vowing in the process to retain and uphold the highest standards. Furthermore, we go above and beyond for our adoptive Australian Labradoodle families by ensuring our puppies are ready to safely enter the home and world at large. Read more about the ALAA Code of Ethics which we happily and devotedly follow.

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Our gentlemen are strong, loyal, handsome, and bundles of fun! 

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Australian Labradoodle Breeding FAQs

When it comes to Australian Labradoodles, pedigree is about more than just bragging rights. The lineage of your dog ensures its health, wellness, and overall viability as a mentally & physically stable member of your household. Furthermore, an advanced pedigree commands advanced prices. As ALAA members, we submit all applicable breeding and pedigree information with the ALAA for the utmost security and guarantee.

Australian Labradoodles can trace their origins back to 1980s Australia. Responsible breeders focus on multi-generational breeding which requires that both of a puppy’s parents be pure-bred Australian Labradoodles themselves. Because of this disciplined breeding approach, the breed itself has been honed over generations for excellence in all aspects and the utmost health and longevity—important distinctions for breeders and future owners alike.

At Claremont Australian Labradoodles, our retired breeding dogs spend the rest of their lives with us and with all our furry friends. Because we genuinely care so much about each and every Australian Labradoodle we have the pleasure of knowing, we keep them here with us where they’re cared for, fawned over, and allowed to rest after a long and productive career. It’s only fair—given the love and affection they’ve shown us—that we return the gesture.

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