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Add Some Love to Your Adventures in Santa Barbara

From a mountain trail to an al fresco wine tasting, Australian Labradoodles make the perfect companions.

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Australian Labradoodle Puppies in Santa Barbara, CA

In Santa Barbara, CA, the splendor of the Ynez mountains meets craft cafes and charming local boutiques. With its Mediterranean weather and outdoor adventures, Santa Barbara is the perfect California community for going everywhere and doing everything with your new Australian Labradoodle. These remarkable animals are a mix between intelligent poodles and loyal Labrador retrievers—a synthesis of the best traits with a pedigree to match. Life is simply better with man’s best friend at your side.

At Claremont, our multi-generational puppies are recognized by the Australian Labradoodle Association of America (ALAA)—the leading authority on the breed throughout North America. Each of our beautiful, healthy pups sports a hypo-allergenic, no-shed fleece coat, giving them a special place in households with respiratory sensitivities. Australian Labradoodles are intelligent and intuitive enough to serve multiple roles, including as guard dogs, emotional support animals, or guides. What can an Australian Labradoodle do for you in Santa Barbara, CA?

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Adopt an Australian Labradoodle Puppy in Santa Barbara, CA

When you open your Santa Barbara home to an Australian Labradoodle puppy, you’re getting more than a loyal and loving companion—you’re getting a treasure right out of dog breeding history. Our Australian Labradoodle puppies can claim a lineage stretching back to the first breeders in the Outback. This ancestry ensures ideal traits in each puppy, including curiosity, playfulness, and an adaptable disposition for families and single owners alike. 

Learn more about this exceptional breed or explore our adoption process today. You can call us at any time to learn more about our dogs or our available puppies at 909-443-2107.

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