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Make the Most of Anaheim with a New Best Friend

Australian Labradoodles are dream companions, perfect for tailgates, theme parks, ballparks, & a place in your home.

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Australian Labradoodle Puppies in Anaheim, CA

Dogs have been man’s best friend before recorded history began. Bred throughout the ages for interaction and partnership with humans, the right dog can open new doors in your life and take you to places you never imagined. Few breeds are as magical as the Australian Labradoodle, and now you can add this loving, intelligent, and adventurous companion to your Anaheim, CA home. 

At Claremont Australian Labradoodles in Claremont, CA, our multi-generational, hypo-allergenic Australian Labradoodles trace their lineage all the way back to the original breeders in the Outback. With a no-shed fleece coat, our intelligent and compassionate pups are perfect for households or single owners with respiratory sensitivities. Discover what these wonderful companions can add to your life by contacting Claremont Australian Labradoodles today.

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Are You Ready for a Magical Bond?

Australian Labradoodles combine the intelligence of poodles with the attentiveness and determination of Labrador retrievers. This synthesis of exceptional traits produces pets of the utmost pedigree. Learn more remarkable facts about this magical breed or explore our adoption process today. You can call us at any time to learn more about our dogs or our available puppies at 909-443-2107.

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