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Claremont, CA | We Have Puppies Ready for Adoption Now!
Become an Australian Labradoodle Guardian

You can raise the puppy as your own while allowing us to perform health testing and breeding procedures. Is guardianship right for you?

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Help Us Foster the Next Generation of Australian Labradoodles in Claremont, CA

Because of their excellent pedigree, our multi-generational, hypoallergenic Australian labradoodle puppies command a fair price, but there are more affordable options for aspiring owners. With Claremont’s Guardian Program, you can hold, cherish, and raise one of our remarkable Australian labradoodles as your own.

As part of our guardian program, you’ll take on full-time ownership and enjoyment of our world-class pups while bringing them back to us from time to time so that we can perform health inspections and breeding procedures. Once their breeding commitment has been fulfilled, they’re yours forever after!

Puppies Ready for a Guardian Opportunity

More opportunities coming soon. Contact us for more information!

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  • Available for Guardianship
  • Female
  • Very friendly
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  • Available for Guardianship
  • Female
  • Very friendly
a dog standing on grass
  • Available for Guardianship
  • Female
  • Black fleece coat
  • Standard size
  • Very friendly
  • 6852
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  • Available for Guardianship
  • Female
  • Cream Coat
  • Very friendly
  • Always Happy
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Benefits of Australian Labradoodle Guardianship

Your Australian Labradoodle can fulfill their desires to mate and breed without the expense or inconvenience to you. You’ll also be contributing to the future of Australian Labradoodles throughout Claremont, Los Angeles, and other nearby communities, further multiplying the quotient of joy these glorious furry friends provide to proud owners just like you.

Do you have what it takes to become a guardian? Reach out today for more information.

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Bring More Joy Into Your Home by Becoming a Guardian

At Claremont Australian Labradoodles, we would (of course) prefer to personally provide for each and every breeding-age gent and lady. Sadly, resources are limited and we’re not always able to give each breeding dog a home. That’s where you come in.

For a limited time, you can secure an Australian Labradoodle puppy of your own for a discounted price of $400 for females and $800 for males. Guardians must live within 30 minutes of Claremont, CA 91711. To start the process, contact us today. You can also read more about our guardian contract below.

Guardian Contract

Learn More About Us

About Our Facilities

Learn more about how you can get in touch and visit our breeding facility.

Meet the Breeders

Head Breeder, Terri Abrolat, leads with love and passion.

Become A Breeder

Our pedigree of Australian Labradoodles is great for starting your own litter.

Guardian & Ownership FAQs

Our Australian Labradoodles can trace their heritage all the way back to the first breeders in Australia during the 1980s. Each breeding-age dog and their puppies are registered with the Australian Labradoodle Association of America to preserve their pedigree and their health. As a guardian, you become a proud dog owner at a discounted rate and have the privilege of knowing your dog is actively contributing to the next generation.

Each of our guardian Australian Labradoodles has its own unique breeding requirements that differ on a case-by-case basis. On average, females breed up to 4 times before they’re spayed and returned to you forever. During breeding, females are away from the home for a week and then returned to your home for 60 days. Females will return to give birth and nursing thereafter.

Males on the other hand will visit for a week each time their scheduled females go into heat. This could be 3 or 4 times a year for upwards of several years.

Yes. Because of the demands on your Australian Labradoodle’s time, and the sensitive timeframes natural to the breeding process, a close, half-hour proximity to Claremont, CA (zip code 91711) is required. Guardianship isn’t for everyone, but we may have an available puppy or future litter that’s perfect for you if you’d prefer a more conventional ownership program.

Is your home missing something? Contact us to learn what an Australian Labradoodle from Claremont can do for your household.