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We breed and raise our top-of-the-line Australian Labradoodle puppies with the utmost care and affection, right here in our own backyard. Our multi-gen Australian Labradoodle puppies have a genetic line from the original Labradoodle breeders in Australia. The Australian Labradoodle breed is known for being well-tempered, intelligent, gentle, and loyal. They are frequently used in therapy work and are easy to train. They’re also non-shedding and allergy-friendly, so there’s no need to worry when you adopt your new puppy.

If you’re in search of an Aussiedoodle for sale in California, we can introduce you to your perfect match. Contact us now to add the warmth of the unconditional love of an Australian Labradoodle to your household with our intuitive, non-shed Labradoodle puppies in Claremont, CA.

Add to Your Loving Home With A Sweet Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle

When you meet our litters of Australian Labradoodle puppies, it’ll be love at first sight! Our sires and dams (breeding-age male and female Australian Labradoodles) are always working toward another new litter of perfectly lovable, soft, and intelligent puppies. Search our available multi-generational Australian Labradoodle puppies and choose one for your household from among males and females of different sizes and coat colors, but all with the same hypoallergenic, non-shed fluffy fleece.

Jada and Ty's Litter

Born: Aug. 19, 2022
Ready for adoption: Oct. 15-16, 2022

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Kaya and Dio's Litter

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Roxie & Dio's Litter

Born: 09/19/2022
Ready for adoption: Now

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Meet the Breeders

Because Australian Labradoodles are ideal family companions, it’s only natural for our breeding operation to be a family affair. Owned and operated by Terri & David Abrolat, Claremont Labradoodles runs on the love, knowledge, and experience of accredited dog breeders as demonstrated by the Australian Labradoodle Association of America (ALAA) and its Gold Paw standard. Our Australian Labradoodles come from a meticulous breeding program that includes health testing, temperament assessment, and socialization.

As lifelong dog owners ourselves, we’re passionate about breeding dogs that become treasured family members. Take a peek behind the scenes into our compassionate and loving operation as Australian Labradoodle breeders.

Meet the Breeders

Our Commitment to You & Your Puppy

Healthy & Happy

Our pups come with a full 2-year genetic guarantee

First Set of Shots

Your puppy is yours to enjoy from day 1 onward


Your Labradoodle puppy comes chipped for convenience


Receive a handbook with blood lines, tests, & ALAA registration application

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Our Dogs

At Claremont, we pride ourselves on being a reputable Australian Labradoodle breeder in the Southern California area. Our sires and dams possess a lineage stretching back to the very source: the Outback itself. Our hand-raised couples exhibit the same quality attributes of some of the first and most famous examples of the breed, coming to us directly from Australia’s Tegan Park and Rutland Manor breeders. Feel free to meet our dogs to get a better idea of how your puppies will mature.
To find Aussiedoodles for sale in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and surrounding areas, reach out now.

Our Dogs

Current And Active Member Of ALAA


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